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Project Management - Product development - Commercialisation - Spin out


ArgantriX offers services to link together academic research groups in  the UK and overseas in a unique way to capitalise on the complementary strengths of both countries.

We can help form collaborative partnerships, manage projects and commission & oversee further development for suitable opportunities to bring commercial value to academic research through our specialist skills in IP management, early stage development and commercial exploitation.

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Clients & Collaborators

ArgantriX has worked for and with a wealth of universities, institutes, spin outs and corporations across a range of scientific sectors, a few representative recent ones are shown here.

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Dr John R. Normanton
Managing Director & Principal Consultant
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John has three decades of experience in academia (Leeds, Birmingham & Oxford), the pharma industry (Novartis & Ipsen), university technology transfer (Imperial Innovations) and the management of numerous spin out companies.  He is currently working extensively on international projects in India and the Czech Republic. 


He is also Managing Director, Oxandia Ltd providing project management, company formation and strategic IP advice to companies and academia in the UK as well as CEO and Director of a number of biotech and deep tech companies including: Allosterica Ltd, CholesteniX Ltd, EstryX Pharma Ltd, GliaGenesis Ltd, Lucilia Pharma Ltd, Nebuquine Ltd, Rechargion Energy Private Ltd and StratiPhrenia s.r.o.


He was a Founder and COO of Sterix Ltd., a pharmaceutical spin-out from Imperial College and the University of Bath in oncology and women's health which was acquired by the Ipsen Group.  During its life in the 2000s, Sterix raised £8M in VC funding and signed several multi-million pound licences with pharmaceutical multinationals.  In addition, projects stemming from the Sterix portfolio have been involved in over 19 clinical trials and Sterix filed over 700 patent applications worldwide.


Argantrix Limited

Orchard Lea

Horns Lane, Combe

Witney, Oxfordshire

OX29 8NH, UK

+44 7831 800 683

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