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What we do

ArgantriX offers services to link together academia in India and the UK in a unique way to capitalise on the complementary strengths of both countries.

We can help form collaborative partnerships, manage projects and commision & oversee further development for suitable opportunities to bring commercial value to academic research through our specialist skills in IP management, early stage development and commercial exploitation.




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Project Areas

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

The current global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of our prime focus areas.

We aim to harness the high-skill, low-cost advantages of Indian academia in conjunction with specialist skills and cutting edge research in UK universities to discover new therapeutic approaches to combat AMR.

Natural Plant Products

Next Generation Batteries

India is endowed with a wealth of expertise in this area. 

We plan to use our unique access to Indian and UK centres of excellence to support collaborative new product development and manufacture for the India market in electric vehicles.

Laboratory Diagnostics


Accurate, rapid and reliable identification of disease is the cornerstone of clinical practice.

We are at the forefront of identifying new diagnostic technologies emerging from Indian universities and institutes and validating them through our unique collaborative links with major centres of excellence in the UK.