Mr. Tom Sopwith

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Dr. John Normanton

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Director & Company Secretary

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COO of the UK biotech company Polypharmakos Ltd which is a spinout from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the University of Cambridge. 

Former Chairman and Managing Director, Thomas Bio Creation India Pvt. Ltd. (BCi).


Former Business Development and Intellectual Property Director, SignMod Pharma Pvt Ltd, a company synthesizing complex, natural product-like macromolecules as drug candidates.

Former CEO and Business Development Director, Sarum Biosciences Ltd. Developing bacteriophages for targeted anti-bacterial therapeutic use.


Founder and a Founding Director of Imperial College Company Maker Ltd, formulating its strategy, writing its business plan and raising its first funding (£0.5 million).  It formed and grew 60 companies over a five year period 1997 to 2002 and became part of Imperial Innovations plc, floated in 2006 raising £55 million. Imperial Innovations has interests in over 100 companies and raised a further £140 million in November 2010 to invest in spin-out companies from Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge and University College London and now has a market capitalisation of over £300 million.


Prior to his commercial career he held a Research Fellowship at The National Heart and Lung Institute, University of London, in Respiratory Physiology and Medicine undertaking doctoral work in whole-body mapping (to give numerical analysis of thoraco-abdominal movement) and blood substitutes.

Managing Director, Oxandia Ltd (UK) providing project management, company formation and strategic IP advice to companies and academia in the UK.


He is also CEO and Director of a number of biotech companies including Polypharmakos Ltd, EstryX Pharma Ltd, CholesteniX Ltd, GliaGenesis Ltd and Lucilia Pharma Ltd.


Co-founder and former COO of Sterix Ltd., a pharmaceutical spin-out from Imperial College and the University of Bath in oncology and women's health which was acquired by the Ipsen Group in 2004.  During its life Sterix raised £8M in VC funding and signed major licences with pharmaceutical multinationals.  In addition, projects stemming from the Sterix portfolio have been involved in over 19 clinical trials and Sterix filed over 700 patent applications worldwide.


John has worked for the Ipsen Group, Sandoz (now part of Novartis), 3i plc and Imperial Innovations in a variety of areas including IP Management, Project Planning, Clinical Research and Technology Transfer.

Prior to this he held academic positions in neuro-physiology and neuropharmacology at the University of Oxford and Birmingham University conducting independent research into fundamental neuropeptide involvement in sleep.

John is a member of the UK Institute of Directors


Project Areas

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

The current global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of our prime focus areas.

We aim to harness the high-skill, low-cost advantages of Indian academia in conjunction with specialist skills and cutting edge research in UK universities to discover new therapeutic approaches to combat AMR.

Natural Plant Products

Next Generation Batteries

India is endowed with a wealth of expertise in this area. 

We plan to use our unique access to Indian and UK centres of excellence to support collaborative new product development and manufacture for the India market in electric vehicles.

Laboratory Diagnostics


Accurate, rapid and reliable identification of disease is the cornerstone of clinical practice.

We are at the forefront of identifying new diagnostic technologies emerging from Indian universities and institutes and validating them through our unique collaborative links with major centres of excellence in the UK.